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12th February 2006

1:53am: since it is two in the morning, i'm bored, have just driven for two hours, and there is no chance of me getting to sleep, i thought i'd do this question thingy again, a year alter to see whats changed


Clichéd general questions:

1. What is your name?: Alex
2. How old are you?: 19
3. Are you male, female, or both?: male
4. Where are you? [Country, State, City]: the 'swich queensland australia
5. List five [or more] of your favourite bands/artists?: in case you hadn't guessed..Radio Birdman, Frenzal Rhomb, Turnpike, Gazoonga Attack, Children of Bodem, Alchemist, Escape From Toytown, Blowhard, Community Cervix, Rancid, Dead Kennedys, Sex Pistols, Ramones, The Saints, T.I.S.M, Presets, Nick Cave and the Bad Seeds, Giants of Science, Transport, The GO! Team, The Grates, Propagahdi
6. What is your favourite book?: At the moment?, probably the collected works of George Orwell
7. What is your favourite movie?: Thunderstruck
8. What is your reason for joining THE HIVE MIND?: the cool uniform
9. What you will bring to THE HIVE MIND?: its not what i can do for the hive mind, its what the hive mind can do for me
10. If you ruled the whole world for the day, what would you do?: create the greatest beer ever, the greatest meat pie ever, and maybe ask a chick out

Canpin’s questions:

1. In today’s society, how relevant is the law to everyday life? You get extra points for mentioning the success of life-sentencing vs. retribution.: the law has no effect on honest people, the people who have the most issues with the law are people who are trying to infringe upon the law and or the rights of others
2. John Stuart Mill?: was a complete and utter wanker, Power to Tom Mann
3. If you ever met Donald Trump, what would you do? (Please note, ‘laugh at his hair’ is not a clever answer):try and hook in with his mail order bride
4. If you ever met George Dubya, what would you do?: ask him why he thinks that america has a god given mission to force democracy upon people
5. Name three cool things to come from the eighties.: ....uh......... the young ones, me, and umm laser guided missiles

Ablativearmour’s questions:

1. How did you seen out when you was a baby?: through osmosis
2. What three things do you consider MOST essential for life?: good food, good books, good music,
3. What is your favourite food, and why?: Korma curry, cos it tastes good
4. Do you like anime? If so, which is your favourite?: yes, Helsing, Gasuraki or however you spell it, Gin-Ro
5. Are you cool?: i like t think of myself mediocre
6. Name two pokemon. NOT INCLUDING PIKACHU!: syther and kabuto
1:45am: driving all the way to coolangatta was worth it, just to see radio birdman
apparently there is a god
now all that the world needs to be perfect is for This Is Serious Mum to start playing again

and my 12 week old kitten likes to bite my face at three in the morning

24th January 2006

12:01pm: its official, the white stripes have the worst live set ever, except maybe for soma rasa, and radio birdman are back on the road, hurrah

23rd November 2005

8:35pm: woah, i can't belive how crap i was, crazy
I adopted a cute lil' viking fetus
from Fetusmart! Hooray fetus!

7th June 2005

12:40am: i'm interested to see if i get any replys, let alone what they are

1. Think of the first word that comes to mind when you think of me.
2. Do an Image Google Search and search for that word.
3. Reply to this post with one of the pictures on the first page of results -- don't tell me the word.
4. Put this in your own blog so that I can do the same.
12:32am: after a breif foray into the world of msn spaces, where you can't even say fuck, i'm back
well with the knowlege that no one will read this
my lifes kinda crap atmo
4 uni assigmwents to do, work to contend with, and a rather shit house love life
in ohter news i've edcided to state to the world that i no longer care, in any way shape and form

10th May 2005

6:57pm: my arse hurts
as does my brain
probably those 5 assignments i've done in the past 4 days

8th April 2005

11:06am: Westie now has internet at home
how fucking awesome is he?
in other news, he found out that you should always look a gift horse in the mouth, mainly because if the horse in question is an 81 XD Falcon, it often doesn't have a start motor. it was a big hill.
also the giver may also have an ulterior motive, like trying to get you to overhaul a straight six tractor engine. which just happens to be on the tractor, in the middle of a paddock, 200m away from the tractor it's actually supposed to be in.
fun and games

westie is now officially employed..
A&R Ipswich
fuck yeah
Current Mood: cynical

21st February 2005

2:39pm: ideas for origins of D&D characters in Toms campaigne
the basic idea is this:
island off the coast of main continent( as far as i can remember there is only one)
invaded under one emperor as a show of power to restore faith of hostile population
invasion partialy succesful due to the fericeness of locals(celtic style)

rather than use legions to garrison conquered land - hire norse raiders to do
so with promise of citizenship and free land at the end of 25 years service

after lenghty stay empire withdraws from island leaving norse(who have adopted some of local customs) and the groups of natives that were succesfully subdued.

young men, norse and subdued native, often travel to the empire and enter service as auxilliaries in imperial service.

the inhabitants of this island also travel to the mainland to serve as mercenaries

hows that?
it's a lot of it's drawn from the conquest of britain but some of its from gallic/germanian conquest as well

18th February 2005

4:42pm: start uni in a week
yay for me
what fun
history anthropology and english literature

whats cooler?
celtic scandinavian or great migration period germany ?
by the way never study neolithic farming

30th October 2004

7:54pm: jsut cos i'm one bored mofo
and i hate web pages
here are the top five people in history i would like to meet
Vladimir Ilich Ulyanov

Ernesto Guevara de la Serna

Heinz Guderian

Vasily Ivanovich Chuikov

Current Mood: blah

11th October 2004

7:29pm: personally i think that there was little or no choice between the major parties i this election so we were pretty much between the evil and the deep blue sea.
if thats any cosolation
i do think that liberal control of the senate is a bad thing as it undermines one of the key tenants of our political system

one thing that really annoyed me was the bias shown in the media towards latham
in fact the most unbiased call on the election i heard was on triple j i mean ABC for christ sakes
any way
i'm sorry to all those labor supporters out there cos i also like to think that deep down i am left wing too
but really the most left wing thing about labor is their alliance witht he greens which they only entered into to buy off bob brown
but anyway
Current Mood: peaceful

20th September 2004

8:33pm: hey hey it's that time of year
when westie gets so bored he actually makes a proper update
well these holidays i've got two parties, one hike and a whole lot of nothing
aren't we exotic?
i'm also reading war and peace by leo tolstoy as well as a plethora of penny dreadfuls
the highlight so far has been having to share a blanket with a couple who were making out
to them i ask have you ever heard of the word subtle?
or dignity, or respect for other peoples mental health
they both happen to be uglier than me in case you were wondering
quite bad
so any one got any worse experiences ?
feel free to share
oh and hard house is totally 1337 r0x0r hax0r

the end

12th September 2004

4:35pm: this is awsome every one should make one

11th September 2004

2:24pm: canpin you rock
Hurrah! Fellow wonderful person

How Australian are you?
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8th September 2004

7:58pm: yheh har
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7th September 2004


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6th September 2004

11:50am: http://www.votenader.org/
If LJ Was a Bar by Karen_Walker
Dancing Badlycanpin
Playing Poolablativearmour_
Playing Dartshead_girl
Singing Karaokecry_baby_jesus
Got in with a Fake IDhead_girl
Guy with a Mulletcry_baby_jesus
Too Drunk to Standslagfart
Hitting on Everyoneablativearmour_
Hot Chickstonerrockisemo
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12th August 2004


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31st July 2004

which is nerdier?

Babylon 5

go for gold

29th July 2004

4:34pm: help me
lockwood, as you can tell from the time i'm still at gaming, and i'd have to say that lockwood you are the the best DM ever, no reflection on hills it's just that in 15 minutes we've done one round of combat. to walduck and hilly i say you are the best guys to play with ever cos decisions are made rather than stuffing around!!

oh i hate jonno as well!!!

6th July 2004

5:23pm: death to shannon
shannon knole? was in town today. i unfortunatly for the world didn't see him and so he continued to pollute the atmosphere with what only the most insane drunken homeless luneatic would call, with some strech of the imagination, singing. if you wanted to go gullible uneducated peasant hunting today was the day. also i hate mark latham

DEATH TO TEENIE BOPPERS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
or is it.......

4th July 2004

4:30pm: international workers
greetings fellow socialists
today i am bored
so far the holidays have been pretty good with just the right amount of work boredom and activity
this however will soon come to an end and be replaced by the sheer terror of school.
i hate grade 12
today i have played three games of AOE2 and am now waiting for ABLATIVEARMOUR_ to come online so i can slaughter him totally and utterly.
on a lighter note i now have enough money to buy the army i've always wanted a warhammer tzeentch army
or i could start an imperial gaurd armoured company

arrrrrgh paralyzed by indecision
oh well
how the fuck do you play stronghold it's frikken retarded
like me try to play generals
PRC r0x0rs
thats it
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